Daniel Spiteri from FEIKE

Today you’re going to hear the story of FEIKE and Daniel Spiteri.
FEIKE is a business that helps get you home safely, the business has grown from an idea that Daniel had that he hoped would bring some quality of life for his family, to now a growing team, currently 3 team members, and helping to get over 1000 people home safely every year. Daniel’s vision is much larger than this though… We’ll learn about that but for now, let’s go back to day one, where this story begins…

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James Rabbitt from Broader Learning

Today you’re going to hear the story of James Rabbitt and Broader Learning. Broader Learning provides STEM based learning programs to multiple schools. This approach allows Broader Learning to provide a higher quality and more cost-effective experience for the students than any one individual school could provide on its own.

Broader Learning has grown out of James volunteering at local school’s helping with coding and robotics classes to now operating across a total of 5 campuses. The very first class they ran they received over 3 times the student sign up than the school had anticipated… That’s very exciting and I’m really interested to see where James and the team can take this company.

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Heath Raftery from Newie Ventures

Today you’re going to hear the story of Heath Raftery from Newie Ventures. Newie Ventures is an engineering agency. They build solutions to their clients problems, basically their customers come to them with an idea, and Heath and his team go to work figuring out how to build it. In the last 12 months alone Newie Ventures’ client base has tripled and it’s headcount has more than doubled. But as Heath says although those numbers sound impressive in reality things have moved very carefully and very deliberately.

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Sahil Harriram from Elite Robotics

Today you’re going to hear the story of Elite Robotics and it’s CEO Sahil. Sahil and his teams are developing robots that have human-like instincts!
Since launching in 2016, The Elite Robotics team have been finalists in 6 out 7 pitching competitions. They’ve built a successful prototype of their autonomous technology and have secured a partnership with a local golf-course to test and refine their groundbreaking creation. Some pretty great wins just there, and that’s just a few points, we’re going to cover more, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…

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Justin Hales from Camplify

Today you’re going to hear the story of Justin Hales and Camplify.
Camplify is Australia’s largest caravan and RV peer to peer sharing community and is expanding internationally. The company has made leaps and bounds since when it started back in 2014. With over 3500 listings on the site, growing at 500% year on year, with annual revenue of 12 million and forecasted of 16-18m next year serving over 1500 customers per month, Camplify shows no sign of slowing down.

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Jessica Koncz from Crave

Today you’re going to hear the story of Crave and it’s founder Jessica Koncz. Jessica didn’t go to university. Jessica began to work in cafes and restaurants as soon as she could legally work. Today Jess is the director of a successful social media marketing agency employing 6 full time team members and has won a pitch competition that will see her with the opportunity to launch her new app, that as of recording has well over 15,000 downloads in Newcastle alone, into the U.S market backed by a successful American angel investor.

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